Introducing Flora

Exceptional care for plants and their people

Flora specializes in interior rewilding with expert horticultural services and goods thoughtfully crafted for each client.   Bringing the beauty of the natural world inside has never been more accessible.   Plants complete your space, make it special, unforgettable.  Flora shows you how.

Professional Services

Private consultations

Do you want plants but have no idea where to start?  Are you ready to add to your collection to truly make your space special?  Schedule an in-home or office visit.  Flora will help you create an incredible interior landscape customized to your space.

Green Leaves
Gardening Tools


Re-potting, rescuing, pruning, fertilizing, coaxing back from the brink, we've got you covered.  Sad plants are our specialty.  We've created custom soil blends perfect for indoor plants that are available for purchase or we can use your supplies - we'll even make suggestions for soil amendments if you want to try your hand at soil-crafting.  We love sharing our considerable knowledge about plants with our clients or you can trust us to take expert care of your babies.

Installations and maintenance 

Healthy, beautiful plants make everything better.  Let us design a plantscape that's perfect for you.  We know what looks good and what works for interiors.  Your space will be unforgettable with the right touch of plant magic.  We'll shop for you, pot everything up perfectly and install your new greenspace.  Enjoy taking care of it on your own or choose our all-inclusive maintenance package.

Green Plant
Group of cactus in a pot

Succulent containers

Flora creates breathtaking succulent dishes, living walls, rock gardens, and more.  All creations are potted up in just the right soil and the perfect containers to ensure the health an longevity of your plants.  Contact us for for more information and photos for inspiration.  

Prices are based on materials.  Free delivery and info sesh available for most locations in the Greater Kansas City area.  

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